17 DIY Decor Crafts That Look Modern & Minimalist – Tutorials

Minimalist design is beautiful and you probably love it too. Well, you have landed to this blog post. If you are a DIY enthusiast and you need some DIY ideas that you can make, then we have a perfect list for you that contains 17 DIY decor crafts that look modern and minimalist. With those DIY projects, you can decorate your home or add a beautiful piece of furniture.

What exactly you can find from this DIY list? Well, for example, you can find out how to make a beautiful DIY leather basket, how to make a beautiful simple clock that looks awesome or how to add some storage space in the most awesome ways. If you are still interested, scroll down and check out the list and if you do find something that you would like to make, be sure to follow the link that is below the picture and it will take you to the tutorial that will teach you how to make it.


DIY Woven Leather Basket


Tutorial: Hellonest

Baskets are a great way where to keep your stuff and organize your home. This leather basket is looking minimal and also have a modern look, so if you are looking some simple looking baskets what to make yourself, then this DIY woven leather basket project is definitely the one to try out. It is a bit more difficult DIY project but the final result will be looking amazing.


DIY Bear Laundry Basket


Tutorial: Thelovelydrawer

This bear laundry basket DIY project suits perfectly in every kid’s room. This definitely┬áhas a fun look but also it has a practical use and helps to keep the stuff organized. Also, this DIY bear laundry basket is a simple and easy project to make and for sure add some fun touch to your kid’s room.


DIY Pom Pom Wall Hanging


Tutorial: We-are-scout

You are looking some fun project how to decorate your dull wall at home? This project is a great way how to add some fun, bohemian and interesting look to your home. This pom pom wall hanging adds some lush texture to your walls. Making this pom pom wall hanging DIY project is simple to make and it for sure looks fun and different wall hanging decor idea.


DIY Leather – Handled Wooden Boxes


Tutorial: Shrimpsaladcircus

This DIY leather handled on boxes adds a whole new look to these boxes. Simple looking things actually are actually the best because you can decorate easily with them. Making these leather handled on wooden boxes have a few steps but they are actually kinda easy to make. So if you want to make your jewelry boxes look more minimalistic and modern, then this DIY leather handles on wooden boxes project is definitely one to consider to make.


DIY Minimal Wooden Block Clock


Tutorial: Earnesthomeco

This DIY minimal wooden block clock for sure looks amazing. It has a minimal and modern look and suits perfectly every household because of its simplicity. Making this minimal wooden block clock is kinda easy but you may need to be a bit, patients. But the final look definitely it worth of that.


DIY Mid – Century Planters


Tutorial: Sugarandcloth

These mid-century planters definitely adding a fun and different look to your home. These DIY mid-century planters are super simple and easy to make. These colorful planters are bringing a whole new and fan face to your home. Definitely, a great DIY planters project if you are looking interesting different and fun ideas how to place your plants.


DIY String Lights Garland


Tutorial: Homeyohmy

This DIY string lights garland project is a great way how to make your room more alive. These green leaves are bringing the natural look into your home and make it warmer. Making this DIY strings lights garland is super simple and fun project to try out if you are looking idea how to decorate your dull wall.


DIY Copper Vase


Tutorial: Apairandasparediy

Who does not want a little copper design detail in their home right? Vases are a great way how to give your table a nice and chic look with fresh flowers. Copper is a perfect way how to give your room a chic, romantic and a bit of vintage touch to your home. If you love copper details but do not want some big design details with it, then this DIY copper vase project is perfect for you.


DIY Color Block Clock


Tutorial: Almostmakesperfect

Every household needs a proper clock, am I right? This amazing color block clock has a modern look with a bit of midcentury touch. Making this DIY color block clock is super simple and easy. It is a perfect DIY project if you want to make something simple with your own hands and you need one beautiful and modern clock to your home.


DIY Scandinavian Style Knotted Trivet


Tutorial: We-are-scout

These Scandinavian style knotted trivet definitely brings a bohemian, minimal and modern look to your coffee table. These DIY Scandinavian style knotted trivets are so simple to make and they for sure looks way different from the ordinary trivets. So if you want to make your coffee table more modern and interesting, then this minimalistic DIY project is definitely to try out.


DIY Leather Luggage Rack


Tutorial: Almostmakesperfect

This luggage rack actually has a pretty practical use in your entryway. This is a great place where to hold your handbags and it is also a minimalistic and modern design detail. Making this amazing DIY leather luggage rack may be a bit more difficult and you need to be a patience but the final result is definitely worth it.


DIY Grid Planter

Tutorial: Homeyohmy

Planters are a great way how to decorate your home. This geometric design grid planter is definitely adding some fun and modern look to your home. This DIY grid planter project is super simple and easy project what to make if you are looking easy project to try to make.


DIY Hanging Leather Rack


Tutorial: Whydontyoumakeme

You want to make a project which is easy and simple? Well, this amazing hanging leather rack DIY project is both. This leather rack project is a great idea if you do not have a lot of space and you need something where to hold your towels. This simple and easy DIY hanging leather rack project is looking good and suits perfectly in every home.


DIY Modern Magazine Shelf


Tutorial: Burkatron

If you love to read magazines and you need some place where to hold them, then this project is just something for you. This DIY modern magazine shelf has a minimalistic look and adds perfectly some fancy touch to your home. Also, making this modern magazine shelf is so simple and does not need many different materials either.


DIY Wood Desk Organizers


Tutorial: Homeyohmy

If you love to be organized and keep your stuff in the right place, then this DIY project is something for you. These DIY wood desk organizers are a super simple project to make. Also, if you love the minimalistic and modern design, then these wooden organizers are a perfect way how to keep your stuff organized.


DIY House Photo Display


Tutorial: Themerrythought

Photos are a perfect way how to make your home more personal. This project is inspired by the idea to make your home more personal and this is a great way how to add family pictures around your home. This house photo display DIY project is super simple and definitely looks amazing added to shelves.


DIY Floating Wood + Brass Shelf With Built-In Light


Tutorial: Cocokelley

If you need a little and nice shelf to your home, then this awesome floating self DIY project is definitely one to consider to make. Also, this shelf has one extra details in it – built in light. This light adds interesting and practical touch to this shelf. ┬áThis DIY floating wood and brass shelf with built on light is for sure project to make if you need a shelf or you want to make something fun.


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